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URGENT Two Promising Bills:—The United States Commits to Security and Democracy in the DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) faces numerous security and political challenges that have persisted for decades. However, a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon with the introduction of two groundbreaking bills before the United States Congress. These initiatives, which require the support of the Congolese government, could put an end to insecurity in the eastern part of the country and strengthen democracy. Let's take a closer look at these two bills and their crucial importance for the Congolese people.


The Murder of Cherubin Okende: Ambassador Herman Cohen, The oracle of Washington, Speaks Out

Herman Cohen tweeted, "In the DRC, the murder of opposition political leader Cherubin Okende marks the beginning of the end of Congolese democracy in its embryonic state, a major setback for Africa's efforts to liberalize the sociopolitical environment." It is worth noting that he had previously predicted the end of Joseph Kabila's grip on Felix Tshisekedi's regime. Should we once again pay attention to the growing disaproval emanating from the US capital, far from the DR Congo?


URGENT : Assassinat politique par Félix Tshisekedi : Voici la photo du lieutenant-colonel Kiki alias Raman Kota, le commanditaire de l’assassinat de Chérubin Okende, et comment il a été tué

Par Vincent Carter

Ce matin, Kinshasa a été le théâtre d’un crime politique choquant avec l’assassinat de Chérubin Okende, porte-parole d’Ensemble et ancien ministre des transports. Cet acte odieux soulève des questions cruciales : à qui profite ce crime ? Qui a tué Chérubin Okende, et pour qui ? Et surtout, pour quelles raisons ?

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