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President Moise Katumbi

Pre-Election Visit to the West: President Moïse Katumbi Triumphs in Boma and Matadi

Moise Katumbi Tchapwe, long underestimated, has eloquently refuted his critics. Not only have traditional leaders welcomed and blessed him, but they have also paved his way to the race for the highest office.


It is widely known that the electoral map of the Democratic Republic of Congo is divided between the East and the West, with the former representing about 60% of the electorate. Here, the hometown son, President Moïse Katumbi, enjoys unmistakable popularity. However, despite his success in the East, doubts lingered about his ability to rally crowds and expand his reputation along the Lualaba River, through the famous cataracts to Matadi and Boma.


The history of the DRC will remember that this journey to Boma and Matadi, following a significant stop in Bandundu and Equateur, sealed Moïse Katumbi Tchapwe's destiny. It could be described as a "chiefs' comeback" or "political magic," but the descendant of King (Mwami) Msiri undeniably showcased his versatility. He excels in everything he undertakes, whether in sports, politics, mining, or agro-industry. The doubt that hung over him, like a Damocles' sword, concerned his ability to communicate with his Western brethren. After this brief awareness campaign, there is no doubt: the man masters the techniques of communication in Lingala and Swahili, the two most spoken national languages in the DRC.


The Congolese people eagerly await his societal project to avoid the pitfalls of improvisation that have characterized the management of the Congolese state until now. Moïse Katumbi will need to explain how he intends to get the Congolese economy back on track. Will he draw inspiration from Singapore's development model, with its meritocracy, pragmatism, and honesty (the famous MPH formula) that played a central role in the success of this micro-city-state among the world's most prosperous? Many indicators suggest that he will.


In Matadi, he introduced his team, including Olivier Kamitatu, hailing from the Bandundu province, a seasoned political figure, multiple-time minister, and former president of parliament. We must not forget Salomon Idi Kalonda, from Maniema, falsely accused and wrongly held at the Ndolo military prison, despite his civilian status, who was absent from this gathering. The attached video shows the sons and daughters of the grand Bas-Congo alongside President Moïse Katumbi. It is evident that Katangese figures do not dominate his inner circle, unlike the current president, whose focus seems limited to the grand Kasai.


It is essential to underscore that Moïse Katumbi must prepare to triumph with his pragmatic ideas. A true leader must pave the way and surround themselves wisely to follow the magical MPH formula of the Singaporeans.

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