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Felix Tshisekedi, Cherubin Okende, Moise Katumbi

DRC: Assassination Of Cherubin Okende: State Of Law In Peril, Troubling Accusations Emerge

Since the tragic death of Chérubin Okende, spokesperson for the political parti Ensemble, a real turmoil reigns, and the results of the investigations struggle to emerge. Many political analysts in the Democratic Republic of Congo are questioning the fate of the once-promised State of Law.


Disturbing information reveals that since Chérubin's death, his bodyguard and brother-in-law of the late Chérubin Okende, Nico Kabunda Tambi, has been subjected to torture by the Criminal Police to force him to confess to killing his brother-in-law and falsely accuse Moïse Katumbi of masterminding this plot. Despite Nico's categorical refusal, stating unequivocally that he does not know Moïse Katumbi, the torture continues until his nerves are about to give in. This method, reminiscent of the Gestapo, must be promptly reported to human rights organizations.


Our reliable informant, who obtained information from the most trustworthy sources within Felix Tshisekedi's entourage, informs us that Chérubin Okende's driver, Papy Ndaka, is also incarcerated by the Criminal Police and undergoing the same mistreatment, forced to support this false thesis that undermines the constitution of the DR Congo and the rule of law that Papa Etienne Tshisekedi fought to establish for over thirty years in the country.


May all Congolese, seeking peace and justice, continue to pray for the poor bodyguard and the poor driver, who are becoming mere victims sacrificed for political ends.


In the same vein, we have been informed that the Criminal Police is also searching for the late Chérubin Okende's Chief of Staff, Mr. Théo Binamungu — who was in Goma campaigning and therefore absent from Kinshasa for at least three months, returning urgently to Kinshasa after Chérubin's death — to support the same false thesis.


Thus, the DR Congo is truly going through a difficult time, and Felix Tshisekedi's obsession with using all the country's judicial instruments to imprison opposition leader Moïse Katumbi demonstrates that the country is dangerously close to the abyss.


From a highly reliable source from Uncle Sam's country, a prominent diplomat reveals to us the profound disappointment of the State Department regarding Congolese democracy, now confirmed as "aborted," with worrying ramifications in the five months leading up to the elections.


This article was originally published in French for broad dissemination in French-speaking countries:…


See you soon.


Letter from a group of lawyersLetter from a group of lawyers



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